Elizabeth Parsons studied  for six years with Nerina Simi in Florence in the 1980s. The studio was founded in the 1880s by Nerina's father, Filadelfio Simi, who had studied French Orientalist Jean Leon Gerome, an apprentice of the French classicist Dominique Ingres.

Elizabeth has exhibited in London, The Lampard Gallery and The Richmond Gallery on Cork Street, and round the country and internationally including Robert Rudd Associates in Ohio and Cricket Hill Associates in New York. 

Many images have been used for greeting cards by the Medici Society, Camden Graphics, and others. Rosenstiel's the print publishers show many paintings as print

.She accepts commissions for a wide range of subjects, from portraits and landscapes to interiors and seascapes. 

Elizabeth also takes commissions for murals from chinoiserie to medieval scenes.

Private collections in England, France, Canada, Italy, the USA, and Ireland proudly display Elizabeth's works.

Elizabeth grew up in Gloucestershire and lives in Dorset with her husband four adoring whippets and penty of horses. 


The Charlotte Lampard Gallery
The Richmond Gallery, Cork Street
The Anna Mei Chadwick Gallery
The Portland Gallery, Bury Street
The Cadogan Contemporary Gallery
Ramsden Fine Art - Ramsbury, Wiltshire
The Richard Hagen Gallery - Broadway, Worcestershire
Robert Rudd Associates - Ohio, USA
Cricket Hill Associates - New York, USA
The Flower Gallery
The Hollywood Road Gallery
The Richard Allen gallery
The Osborne Gallery
The Blake Gallery - Crewkerne, Somerset
Smart Art
The Churzee Gallery
David Kerr Fine Art for pupils of Signora Simi's pupils
Art in Action - Waterperry, Oxfordshire
Dorset Arts Week

Society Shows

The Royal Society of Portrait Painters
The Society of Equestrian Painters
New English Art Club
The Royal Academy of Arts, Summer Exhibition

Commissions accepted

Horse Racing, Hunting and Polo

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